Administrative Division

Circul - Suhada


Human Resources and Institutional Management


Main Functions                

  1. Staff personal files maintenance -ADM1/ ADM3/ DO1
  2. Staff performance appraisal -ADM1/ ADM3/ DO1
  3. Providing staff salary increments -ADM1/ ADM3/ DO1
  4. Confirmation of staffing -ADM1/ ADM3/ DO1
  5. Extension of staffing period -ADM1/ ADM3/ DO1
  6. Leave of Staff -ADM2/ DO2
  7. Distress Relief for Staff -ADM1
  8. Recommendation of staff property loan -ADM1
  9. Obtaining of Staff Assets and Liabilities -ADM1
  10. Staff security deposits -ADM1
  11. Conducting staff training programs -ADM5
  12. Activities of Agrahara Insurance -ADM2
  13. Issuing Railway Warrants -ADM5
  14. mail -ADM4
  15. Issue of bills -ADM5
  16. Obtaining official telephone connections -ADM5
  17. Purchase of newspapers -ADM5
  18. Abuse of files 
  19. Disciplinary Initial Investigation - Administrative Officer
  20. Repairs of office equipment -ADM4
  21. Maintenance of official vehicles -ADM3
  22. Information and Communication Technology Management - ICTA
  23. Issuing income certificates, valuation certificates and valuation reports -ADM5 
  24. Issuing liquor license -ADM2
  25. Registration of business names -ADM3
  26. Activities related to the construction of seater outlet offices -ADM5
  27. Issue Information according to the Act -DO3
  28. Implementation of "Tell President" Program -DO4

Social Services Division

Circul - Ekamuthu


To encourage and rehabilitate disadvantaged and disadvantaged social group participation

in social development and create a backdrop to prevent them from falling into such situations.


Main Functions

  1. Paying monthly allowance of Rs. 2000 / - for senior citizens -SD1
  2. Paying monthly allowance of Rs.5000/- for a disabled person -SD1
  3. Payment of Disability Education / Medical Assistance -SD1
  4. Payments of disabled persons self-employment grants -SD1/ SD2
  5. Payment of monthly allowance of Rs. 5000 / - for citizens over 100 years -SD1
  6. Issue of Elder Identity Cards -SD1
  7. Payment of assistance from President's Fund -SD1
  8. Registration of voluntary organizations -SD1
  9. Social Security Pension -SD1
  10. Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBR) -SD1
  11. Issue special identity cards for the disabled-SD1
  12. Maintain Rural Elderly Organizations / Elders Committees / Banks -SD1
  13. Paying public assistance -SD2
  14. Payment of medical aid Payment of Disability Appreciation -SD2
  15. Casual subsidies -SD2
  16. Disabled persons / beneficiaries Self-employment assistance -SD2
  17. Aids for disable adult / child toilets -SD2
  18. Providing medical assistance / scholarship to the social service fund -SD2
  19. Providing equipments for the disable -SD2
  20. Payment of subsistence allowance to Kidney patients  -SD1


Department of Probation and Child Care Services (Child Rights Promotion Officer)

  1. Conducting the Divisional Child Development Committee
  2. Holding the Rural Development Committee
  3. Maintenance of children clubs
  4. Conducting Divisional Children's Council
  5. Implementation of assistance programs
  6. Foster child support
  7. Educational assistance
  8. Medical assistance
  9. Grace Supports
  10. Assistance for sudden disasters
  11. Prepare safety plans for vulnerable children
  12. School children and community awareness program (Protection of children's rights and prevention of child abuse)
  13. Schooling of non-schooling children


National Child Protection Authority (Regional Child Protection Officer)

  1. Review complaints in 1929
  2. Establish and maintain children's protection committees
  3. Conducting schoolchildren and children (Conducting awareness on child safety and conducting psychosocial activities)
  4. Providing Local Coordination for "Jana Pavura" National Program
  5. Supervision of alternative shelter services and day care centers


Children's Secretariat (Early Childhood Development Officer)

  1. Providing Nutrition Allowance for pregnant mothers
  2. Early morning meal program for pre-school children
  3. Pre-school supervision
  4. Providing teacher allowance for pre school teachers
  5. Implementation of pre-school development programs
  6. Conducting awareness programs for pre-school children and parents
Women's Bureau - Ministry of Women's and Child Affairs (Women's Development Officer)
  1. Establishment of Women's Action organizations
  2. Providing revolving loans.
  3. Providing self employment assistance
  4. Implementation of construction projects
  5. Making aware of women's societies

Disaster Relief Services

  1. Providing cooked food and dry rations to the victims of extensive disasters
  2. Providing Relief for Comprehensive Housing Disasters and Business Impact
  3. AssetsProviding death grant
  4. Providing self employment assistance
  5. Provision of cultivation subsidies
  6. Providing Drought Assistance
  7. Providing professional tools
  8. Provision of kitchen equipment
  9. Providing emergency medical assistance for injured persons
  10. Save lives
  11. Positioning in disaster situations and afterwardsTemporary encampment

Planing Division

Circul - Udara


Strengthening the sustainable development of the area


Main Functions

  1. Implementation of all development proposals submitted under the central government and line ministry DEV1/ DEV2/ DEV5/ DEV6/ DEV7/ DEV8/ DEV9/ DEV10/ DEV11
  2. Implementation of decentralized budget program - DEV3
  3. Implementation of Southern Provincial Council Development Plan - DEV4
  4. Grama Shakthi Program - DEV8
  5. Nutrition program - DEV10
  6.  All Agriculture related activities in the division - DEV12 / DEV12/ DEV14
  7. Environment related activities - DEV13
  8. Collecting data, analyzing data and providing data - DEV3/ DEV4 / DEV5/ Housing Officer/ Statical Officer
  9. All matters relating to the organization of the Regional Coordinating Committee - DEV6/ DEV10
  10. All matters relating to organization of the Regional Agriculture Committee - DEV12/ DEV13/ DEV14
  11. Resource profile - DEV5
  12. Preparation of Action Plan - DEV9
  13. Compilation of the operations compartment - DEV4
  14. Duties related to rural development -RDO
  15. Activities related to housing - Housing Officer
  16. Activities related toStatistics - Statical Officer
  17. Dengue Prevention Program - DEV3

Accounts Division

Circul - Jayasankha


Implement and maintain a sound financial transaction system to achieve the overall objectives in the Divisional Secretary Division.

 Main Functions  
  1. Preparing the salary of the officers - ACC8
  2. .Acceptance and payment of money - ACC2
  3. Purchasing related procurement - ACC7
  4. Provide answers for audit queries - ACC1
  5. Taking action on provisions - ACC10
  6. Issue of computerization and checks under the CIGAS program - ACC11
  7. Maintaining the Cash Book under the Central Government and Provincial Councils - ACC3
  8. Maintaining Advance B Account of Public Officers - ACC11
  9. Maintenance of official bank accounts - ACC1
  10. Issuing vehicle revenue licenses - ACC9
  11. Transfer of vehicles - ACC9
  12. Vehicle insurance - ACC9
  13. Maintaining the archives - ACC3
  14. Keeping the store - ACC4
  15. Payment of civil pensions and widow pensions - ACC5
  16. Issuing pensioning railway warrants and giving pension reports - ACC5

Registrar Division

Circul - Suhada


Registration of Marriages, Births and Deaths, issue of certified copies at request and the preservation of such documents for assisting the populace to secure their rights.


Main Functions

  1. Registration of Births of Marriages in the Division - REG1 / REG2
  2. Conservation of Marriage certificates of birth of the division - ACC9
  3. Marriage registration of the office - ADR
  4. Making amendments relating to Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates of the Galle District - ACC9
  5. Registration of past births and delayed deaths - ACC9

Land Branch

Circul - Shakthi

 Goal  Make good use of sustainable development of the division's land and its tree area.

Main Functions

  1. Conducting land Kachcheri  - LND1
  2. Conducting land Kachcheri.Duties related to timber / timber transport / animal transport / soil transport - LND3
  3. permitAcquisition of lands and lands to acquire lands for the general public activities - Acquisition Officer
  4. Preparation of grants - LND2-II/ LND2-I
  5. Duties relevent to obtain collateral for loans - LND2-II/ LND2-I
  6. Illegal legalization  LND2-II/ LND2-I
  7. Identification of all government land that could give taxable income - Tax Officer
  8. Taking legal action if all taxes are levied on a long term tax / annual tax / effect tax / auction tax, if not - Tax Officer
  9. Preparation of plans by the government survey - LND2-I/ LND2-II/- LND1/ LND2-III/ Acquisition Officer
  10. Obtaining Land Use Guidance and Conducting Programs - Land Use Officer
  11. Obtaining land utilization reports - Land Use Officer
  12. Tackling land disputes - Colonial Officer

Social Development

Circul - Prathibha


To encourage and rehabilitate disadvantaged and disadvantaged social group participation in

social development and create a backdrop to prevent them from falling into such situations.


Main Functions

  1. Small Business Development and Starting New Business - Small Businesses Development Officer
  2. Entrepreneurship Development Export Industry Development & Traditional Handicrafts Development - Entrepreneurship Development / Export Development / Traditional Industries
  3. Career Guidance, Job Seekers and Employment - Human Resources
  4. Developing Schools, Pre-Schools, Private Institutions, Government Villages, Community Villages through Productivity Concept - Productivity Promotions
  5. Legal Aid Requirements, Establishment and Maintenance of Rehabilitation Associations - National Integration Coordinator
  6. Establishment and empowerment of youth clubs for promotion of youth activities - Youth Service Officer
  7. Empowering Sports Clubs and Sports Activities - Sports Officer
  8. Identification of Artists through Cultural Promotion - Cultural Officer
  9. TempleDevelopment Activities and Dhamma Education Promotion - Buddhist Affairs Coordinator
  10. Family Development Activities of Community Correctional Ordinances - Development Officer (Rehabilitation)
  11. Ayurvedic Development - Development Officer (Indigenous Medicine)




 Main Functions
1.Samurdhi Subsidy Program Manager Samurdhi Head Office
2.Compulsory savings Manager Samurdhi Head Office
3.Social Security Program Samurdhi protection officer
4.Sipdora Scholarship Program Samurdhi protection officer
5.Diriya Piyasa Housing Program Samurdhi Development Officer
6.Holding cultural programs Samurdhi Development Officer
7.Conducting child social programs Samurdhi Development Officer
8.Conducting drug prevention programs Samurdhi Development Officer
9.Implementation of livelihood projects Project manager
10.Conduct Training Programs Project manager
11.Implementing loan programs Bank Union Manager
12.Investment Funding Bank Union Manager
13.Establishment matters relating to officers Manager Samurdhi Head Office

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