Development Proposal for Year 2019

59A -Hikkaduwa East 

  • Providing drinking water facilities
  • Construction of toilets
  • Rehabilitation of the roof of Dharma Hall of Pathana Dharmarama temple
  • Reconstruction of the dilapidated section from Near the Pathana School, I.K.M.P.Kumarasinghe Mawatha to Ground (Tharatha) and Mr.Nissanka Vidyarathna's House to Mr. A.G.Rathnasiri's house (concrete)
  • Development of children's home at Baranasuriya with drainage system on the road side                                                        Completed under the 2019 Gamperaliya Program
  • Development of the drainage drains on both sides of the Kanda Uda Road
  • Development of Remaining Akkara Paha Road with drains on either side
  • Development of "The Hena Road"

59A1 - Arachchikanda

  • Provide drinking water facilities
  • Toilets are provided to families without toilets
  • Construction of Sewa Piyasa
  • Development of Kahatagahawatta Internal Road
  • Manampita road
  • Right Place 1St Lane
  • Sanasa By-Road
  • Manguswatta Road
  • Road of In front of Hospital
  • Bodagodawatt Road Second Stage
  • Kohila Ela Road                                                                                                                                                  Implemented Under the Decentralized Budget Programme of 2019

60 - Gonapinuwala East

  • Provide drinking water facilities
  • The Public Well in the Aluthwala Road
  • Provide Toilet Facilities
  • Rathmeherawatta Second Road
  • Kodikara Mawatha Located Tiny Tot Pre School
  • Upper Road of Rathmehera Mr. Niuton Fernando's House
  • Upper Road of Mrs. Janaki Weerasooriya's House in Suramya Road

60A - Gonapinuwala West

  • Provide drinking water facilities
  • Toilets are provided to families without toilets
  • Construction of Nila Sewana
  • Widanage Watta Road
  • Reconstruction of Luwis Mawatha
  • Kurusagoda Main Road                                                                                                                                                Completed under the 2019 Gamperaliya Program                                                      

60B - Gonapinuwala Central

  • Rehabilitation of the roof of Dharma Hall of Abhinawarama temple
  • Construction of a Bodhi Wall at Meheni Aramaya
  • Development of Community Hall in Prathibha Society situated in Kanatthagoda
  • Development of Community Hall in Suhada haula Society situated in Kanatthagoda
  • Development of Sewa Piyasa (Located 4 Post Mile)
  • Development of Public Well (Located 4 Post Mile)
  • Development of Public Well in the Kaluwagahajanapadaya Road
  • Provide Drinking Water Facilities for the Samagama Village
  • Development of By-Road in the Kammalgoda Suhada Mawatha
  • Development of Green way City II Cross Road
  • Development of the drainage system of the official residence at Delgahakanda Estate, 4 mile post

60C - Woodlandwatta

  • Construction of Buddhist hall in the Buddhist Center                                                                                                Completed under the 2019 Gamperaliya Program                                                                                                  
  • Repairs to the Samagi Community Water Management Project
  • The first cross roads at the Woodland Wattwaththa Buddha Statue are located 50 meters 
  • The Second cross roads at the Woodland Wattwaththa Buddha Statue are located 100 meters
  • Bangalakanda Road first across road                                                                                                                Implemented under the Decentralized Budget Programme of 2019
  • Bangalakanda Road second across road
  • Bangalakanda Road Third across road
  • Harislandwatta Tiudor Labunahewa Road                                                                                                         Completed under the 2019 Gamperaliya Program
  • Woodlandwatta Carpet Road to third across road
  • near the Woodlandwatta Ground road

60D - Dodankahawila

  • Construction of Sewa Piyasa
  • Toilet facilities are provided to Sewa Piyasa
  • Rehabilitation of Dodangahawila Pokuna
  • From Lassenagama Transformer to Mr.Sameera's House 
  • Concreting Duwawatta Road
  • From the Mahawella road to the Villa Reception Hall Road
  • Concreting Dorawella second cross Road
  • From the Mahawella road to Soma Elder's House road
  • From Lassanagama Mahawella to Mr. R.K.Ajith's house 

60E - Kaluwagahajanapadaya

  • Construction to community hall Paument.
  • Providing water to the Division
  • Concreting of Kaluwagawatta road
  • Developing road of Mr. W.K. Nennels' house to Mr. Dhammika's house.

66- Aluthwala

  • Providing Water Supply
  • Providing Toilet Facilities
  • Reconstructing Mahawaththa Road Mrs K.Kandawathie's house is next to here
  • Development of the canal section from Berathuduwa road to Heen Ela culvert. Development of the stream of the Bethuduthuwa road to Heen Ela culverts section 
  • Development of Kekilladuwa road Mr.K.T.Wasantha Kumara's house is next to the house 
  • Reconstruction of Lokuwelduwa Kupu ela Raod
  • Developing remaining part of Kapu Koratuwa road 

66A- Manampita

  • Developed Water Project
  • Renovation of the roof of the Sri Priyadarshanarama temple
  • Construction of the Dana Shalawa of Sri Priyadarshanaramaya
  • Construction of the Bubulayaya Agricultural road
  • Construction of the Bubulayaya Agri road from Madumkubura Road to the place of Mr. Koralage Tikiri to Mr.Jayasinghe's paddy field 
  • Construction of the agricultural road from the bubulayaya (near the stone boulevard) to the capital city 
  • From house of Dehigahabedde Mr.K. K. Soman to Manampita Dhammika Thero's Awasa (Gunodana Pirivena) 
  • Construction of road Mr. Ruwan Rohana Wanigasekara's residence to house of Mr. Daya Kariyawasam
  • 2nd lane from Madanayake Road (from Mr.Thilakarathna Balasooriya's house to Madumkumbura main road)
  • Construction of the two sides of the bridge due to broken links of the bridge across the canal of Dehigahabedda

66B- Berathuduwa

  • Sanitation facilities in community center
  • Construction of a side wall from Moragahawatta junction to Coorawatta road
  • Developing remaining part of Coorewatta road                                                                                                                                   Completed under the 2019 Gamperaliya Program 
  • Reconstruction of Supem Uyana Road
  • Providing sanitary facilities at Berathuduwa Community Hall 

66C- Banwelgodella

  • Construction of community hall
  • Constructing toilet system for the Sri Anandarama Viharaya
  • Improvement of the drinking water supply line at Lankadeepa road 
  • Reconstruction of the "Sigithi Pre-School"

66D- Henagoda

  • Providing Sanitary facilitate for community hall and  Facilatate Space
  • Providing drinking water to the beneficiaries and the Rathmehera area                                                                                          The Water Supply & Drinage Board has piped up the pipes
  • Construction of drainage system and both sides at Samagi Mawatha Mr.W.D.Pdimalal's, Mr.M.H.Manaj Sanjeewa's house 
  • Concreting the Rathnasiri Mawatha from Mr.M.G.Athula's home to Mr.E.G.Lesley's house
  • Construction of road up to Rathanasiri Mawatha up to Mr.A.Ajith's house from Mrs.W.D's house to concreting and drainage system up to the culvert which commenced at both Samagi Mawatha and development 
  • From the Unapadura junction to the road of 400m by Sudmika, repaired and reconstructed at the culvert 

66E- Thilakagama

  • Providing Water supply for Paradaise way 
  • Developing Pre School
  • from the beginning of Gimhana Road Near the house of Mr.Nelson Tillakaratne's house 
  • Paradaise way road

66F- Mahagangoda

  • Providing Water Facilities for Mahagangoda, Bataketiyawatta and Pahalawela
  • Constructing Community hall
  • Reconstruction of the upper part of the Elders house with Angankanda main road 
  • Reconstruction of the second cross road from Angankanda Start to the end 
  • Ihalawela Agri road from the Mahagangoda culverts to the road leading to the Manampitiya 
  • Rehabilitation of the road from the house of Mr.C.M.K.Sunil Shantha to the Mahagangoda Fifth Cross Road
  • Rehabilitation of the road from the house of Mrs.K.Dhanawathi to the Mahagangoda Fourth Cross Road

66G- Dagaragahaudumulla

  • Providing drinking water facilities
  • Construction of Nila Sewana
  • walagodella Main Road                                                                                                                                                               2019 Rural Development Project
  • Developing road of Mr. S.Jayarathne's house to Mrs.K.V. Kusumawathi's House
  • Developing road of Mr.W.K.Sarath's house to Mr. M.Naleen's House 
  • Developing road of Mr. M.K.Dewid's house to Mr. N.W.G.G.Ranjith's house
  • Developing remaining part of road where mr. K.M.Ajantha's house 

66H- Iriyagahamulla

  • Constructing Community hall
  • Constructing well or Tube Well
  • Reconstruction of Iriyagahamulla 3 cross road
  • Reconstruction of Two Culvert in Iriyagahamulla road
  • Reconstruction of public bath wells near Mr. O.K. Somasiri's house
  • 30 houses developed the first crossing of Lokawelduwa 
  • Construction of a side wall adjacent to the house of Mrs.Seetha Gurusingha on Eeriyagamulla Road

68A- Kiridiela

  • Sanitary facilities in Central Dispensary.
  • Drinking water needs for community hall
  • From the residence of Mr.Rajitha Wanniarachchi to the house of Mr. HGG Ranjith P.G. Silva Mawatha from the beginning
  • From Kudubiriwatte road from the beginning 
  • Road near the house of Mr.N.P.Padmasiri 
  • Puwaluwila road near Mr.Daddu Jagath's house
  • Road near the Mr.Gamini Ramya Srima 
  • From Welikoratuwa road from the beginning 

73C- Karuwalabedda

  • Providing facilities of Water supply
  • Providing toilet Facilities 
  • Kekiragaha Wewamulla Cross Road From the Mr.J.P.'s house to the end
  • From the residence of Mr.W.K.Chandimal Indika from the house to the house of Mr.W.R.Mirun 
  • Kekiragaha Udumulla Kanda Road Mr.W.K.From Mr.Chamal Indika's residence 
  • Kekiragaha Udumulla Under the road from Mr.William de Silva's house to the house of Mr.P.H.Shamantha
  • Kanda road in front of the post office 

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